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Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Scraper - Tongue Cleaner - Ayuveda Oral Care - Art of Vedas

Ayurvedic Oral Care

Art of Vedas Copper Collection: Where Tradition Meets Purity

A luxurious Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper from Art of Vedas, designed to gently remove toxins and impurities from the tongue, promoting a healthier mouth and body.

Copper Tongue Scraper


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Image of the Art of Vedas Pure Copper Ayurvedic Health Glass, displayed prominently on a wooden table with a natural backdrop. The copper glass shines under soft lighting, emphasizing its smooth texture and reflective surface, designed for health-enhancing hydration.

Pure Copper Glass


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Image showcasing the Art of Vedas Copper Glass Bottle Set, featuring a 950ml copper bottle with a smooth, shiny finish and two complementary copper glasses, all arranged on a wooden table. The set reflects a warm, amber glow, emphasizing its elegant and traditional design suitable for health-focused hydration.

Complete Copper Hydration Set


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